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About Us

Welcome to the Collaborative Mental Health Services

couple having relationship counsellingCMHSI is an expert agency in the industry of Psychiatric Care and Mental Health. Located at Framingham, Massachusetts, we provide care for individuals who are mentally-challenged. We have been in the business for years of various experiences, and have been an exemplary help to many families seeking the right service schemes for their loved ones.

How We Provide Care
All patients are subjected to thorough assessment. Records are utilized on trauma history, childhood incidents, recent activities (e.g. involvement in controlled substances), and other aspects deemed probable causes of mental disturbance. From here, a plan is generated for treatment, intervention, and long term care planning.

Who Provides the Care
Care is provided by licensed and experienced professionals including:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Physicians
  • Clinical expert personnel
  • Psychologists

Collaborative Mental Health Services Mission Statement
To caress patients in an environment of love and care in this difficult time of their lives. To promote recovery and support through improvement and ultimate healing.

Why Choose Us

Why is Collaborative Mental Health Services worth venturing? Among the many Mental Care Service providers to choose from, we give you the following reasons why Collaborative Mental Health Services is the best choice you could opt for.

  • Patient-Oriented Services
  • Excellent Facilities
  • Focused Staff
  • Customer-Satisfaction Commitment
  • Cost-Effective Offers
  • Plans that Work
  • High-Percentage Patient Recovery
  • Genuine Care

Do not settle for just the list. Come to us and take the experience for yourself, as well as for your loved one’s best benefits.