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nurse makes home visit and record dataCollaborative Mental Health Services provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Mental, Emotional and Sleep Disorders
    This is the basis for all treatment plans before anything else is drafted for implementation. We assess the patient’s state, mentally and emotionally. We look deep into one’s personality, the smallest aspect of his/her personality until a peculiar detail is brought out and identified. Such program has been used and extensively strengthened through research and firm studies.This is done with the patient and his/her family’s cooperation and help. Great emphasis is placed on the source of the dilemma, to which all other proceedings are based. Hence, it is imperative that such participation from concerned members be effected.
  • Individual, Family, and Group Treatments
    Treatments are available in an individual or group basis. We give highlights to the importance of every individual in family and group treatments. A member is crucial for every other person’s recovery. Aims to meet greater gain percentage for group treatments are marked on an accumulate basis.Service is defined through staff working full hours of progress monitoring. Thorough processes are necessary for remarkable change in observable behavior that usually doesn’t take shorter time frames.
  • Evaluation of Capacity to work
    Patients who have previously gone through mental and psychiatric treatment prompt the need for evaluation in eligibility for work. This is usually asked by employers to guarantee that the employee can cope with the pressures of the job.The output of such assessment provides objective data on prospect employee’s abilities and limitations and levels of reliable capacities and tolerances. Patient undergoes combined testing on clinical observations, tasks, activities, etc. Such information will be used to identify the individual’s functionality attributes by which employers initially base the person’s eligibility for work.
  • Long Term Care and Placement Evaluations
    Instances may demand long term care for your loved one. Such can be accounted to the results of treatment and rehabilitative intervention done. In these cases, we can always help you plan for their proper placement in the future and assess their mental state to help you care for them in the most appropriate home through the most appropriate way.Let us facilitate their placement today. We will help you be at a peaceful state of mind as they are given their needs, treated properly, and tolerated and understood in an environment that doesn’t treat them like internees in the least. We also opted for programs that monitor their well-being, constant counseling, and regular meetings with enthusiastic psychiatrists.