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Welcome to Collaborative Mental Health Services

Collaborative Mental Health Services is an extended home to many families, seeking the right care for loved ones who are in need of psychiatric care, with the comforting knowledge that they are placed in an environment that understands.

We know very well the constraints placed on the shoulders of families having members with mental challenges. As family, we would want only their healing and recovery from the current state they are in. As much as we want, we would like to help them in any way we can. This reason opted Collaborative Mental Health Services existence, to cater for the needs of individuals with these troubles.

We are staffed with professionals who are experts in dealing with these problems. Contact us today. We understand you. We care for you.

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Services WE OFFER

Collaborative Mental Health Services offers a wide selection of services to meet the varying needs of our clients. Please see short descriptions below:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Mental, Emotional and Sleep Disorders Before providing a treatment plan, we make sure to thoroughly assess and understand the patient and their condition first. Read More
  • Individual, Family, and Group TreatmentsDifferent people have different needs. This is why we offer different treatment settings for our clients to choose from. Read More
  • Evaluation of Capacity to workSome employers require their job applicants to submit a mental health clearance. This is why we offer our evaluation services for you as well. Read More
  • Long Term Care and Placement EvaluationsIf your loved one requires long term care, allow us to help you facilitate their placement in a reputable facility. Read More